• March 2019 - Balfate, Honduras

    We will be going to the Hospital Loma de Luz in Balfate, Honduras to help provide healthcare for the local community in both the clinic and the operating room. This mission trip has been ongoing for over a decade and was initially established by the Eastern Virginia Medical School, Department of Otolaryngology. Last year, we saw close to 60 patients and performed 25 surgeries.

    Our team this year includes veteran surgeons Dr. Kaalan Johnson, Dr. Isaac Bohannon, and Dr. Sapna A. Patel providing a wide variety of otolaryngology and subspecialty practice. From the University of Washington Department of Otolaryngology, we welcome resident surgeons- Dr. Kaitlyn Zenner and Dr. Emmanuel Jauregui. Dr. Michael Collins will provide anesthesia . Surgical technologist, Joshua Kennedy, will keep the operating rooms running as he has on many previous trips. Please donate for our cause and support the local community in Balfate, Honduras- a region that otherwise has minimal access to healthcare.